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22 July 2005 @ 10:40 pm
At home remedies  
So, while my mother and step-dad were outside for a little run, I was sitting at home nursing a owie in my calf area. I've been a total boob all week because I slacked during the first part, and managed to injure the calf area during the second part. Hence, I can't run or bike (which I totally planned to do this weekend with my dear old ma), nor is there a place for me to swim. :-( The point to this post?

My mom recently bought my step-dad (who's retired) a set of hand weights to keep at home. I spied them, and decided to do SOMETHING energetic despite my owie. They only had 10lbs and 20lbs, and I usually do about 12-15, so I settled for 10lbs. So I did a nice round of 3x10 reps of biceps, triceps, twisties, shoulders, presses, and pecs. Then I intersperced with some ab exercises and 3x2 minute wall sits. All and all I think I saved the day!

What a great IDEA, having a set of weights in your house! That way, on days where I can't get to the gym (most days that is) because I work until it's closed...I can still get some are weights in! Instead of plopping in front of the tv on the couch, I can do the arm weights WHILE watching tv (or without TV) and be extra fit! Oh what a good thinking! Now, why hadn't I thought of this before! Hurrah for retired people who have all the good ideas! :-) Thanks ma!
Current Mood: creative
frenchpress: priestfrenchpress on July 24th, 2005 03:49 pm (UTC)
good reminder! i usally feel so bummed on the days i dont gym that i don't do ANYTHING.
so, i'm working on a little rep of home exercises with weights, too.

i really enjoy prevention magazine for simple plans.